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dock10 has started a television revolution that is helping to make programmes in a fresh new way, bursting with can-do confidence and you-got-it attitude. Our ten television studios are purpose-built to handle any size and style of show, but it’s our people that make the biggest difference.

We do everything we can to ensure your production is as good as it can be. This starts with us putting your show first, rising to your challenges and finding more ways to say yes. That’s why your production belongs here at dock10 – the new home of television.

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Television Studios Specifications


UK's biggest multi-camera TV Studio for major productions

Length: 39.572m (129.8ft)

Width: 29.572m (97.02ft)

Height: 15m (49.21ft)

Floor Space: 1,165 sq m (12,540 sq ft)

Audience: 1000

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Large size multi-camera TV studio

Length: 30.584m (100.3ft)

Width: 22.922m (75.2ft)

Height: 11.5m (37.73ft)

Floor Space: 710 sq m (7,642 sq ft)

Audience: 600

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Medium size multi-camera TV studio

Length: 23.072m (75.7ft)

Width: 18.298m (60ft)

Height: 11.5m (37.73ft)

Floor Space: 422.17 sq m (4,757 sq ft)

Audience: 200

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Large size multi-camera TV studio

Length: 25.6m (84ft)

Width: 22.8m (73.8ft)

Height: 10.731m (35.21ft)

Floor Space: 583 sq m (6,275 sq ft)

Audience: 300

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Small multi-camera TV studio

Length: 12.5m (41.01ft)

Width: 7.3m (23.95ft)

Height: 5.4m (17.72ft)

Floor Space: 91.25 sq m (982 sq ft)

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Small multi-camera TV studio

Length: 12.5m (41.01ft)

Width: 7.3m (23.95ft)

Height: 5.4m (17.72ft)

Floor Space: 91.25 sq m (982 sq ft)

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Small multi-camera TV studio

Length: 15m (49.21ft)

Width: 10m (32.81ft)

Height: 5.4m (17.72ft)

Floor Space: 150 sq m (1,614 sq ft)

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Small multi-camera green screen studio

Length: 9.92m (32.55ft)

Width: 6.67m (21.88ft)

Height: 3.99m (13.09ft)

Floor Space: 66.17 sq m (713 sq ft)

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HQ9 BBC Philharmonic

Very large specialist orchestral studio

Length: 27.142m (89.04ft)

Width: 21.844m (71.6ft)

Height: 11.2m (36.75ft)

Floor Space: 593 sq m (6,382 sq ft)

Audience: 250

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HQ10 Audio Studio

Specialist multi-purpose audio studio

Length: 12.21m (40ft)

Width: 11.47m (37.6ft)

Height: 5.45m (17.88ft)

Floor Space: 140 sq m (1,508 sq ft)

Audience: 100

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HQ11 Outdoor Studio

Connected broadcast space with large screen

Length: 97m (318ft)

Width: 62m (204ft)

Width at narrowest: 33m (109ft)

Floor Space: 4,621 sq m (49,741 sq ft)

Audience: 5,000

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HQ12 Open Centre Mezzanine

Event space with external views of Media City

Floor Space: 279 sq m (3,000 sq ft)

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Turnaround Team

When it comes to getting your set and lights in and out, nobody does it better than our much-loved turnaround team. Enormously popular with our clients, they're known for making it all so easy for visiting productions, that they want to come back and do it all again and again. Nothing's too much trouble, and there’s nothing they can't handle.

Dedicated Audience Team

The people in your audience have a real passion for television and we make sure they have the very best experience from the moment they arrive at the studios. Our enthusiastic team welcomes your audience to a dedicated waiting area where they soak up the TV atmosphere, ready to be part of your show.

Client Facilities

Making sure that your production team, talent and guests are as comfortable as possible is all part of the dock10 difference. This means meeting even the most diverse and demanding requirements by not only having the full range of facilities you’d expect, but also the flexibility to significantly scale up any elements to give your production everything it needs.

Remote Gallery

dock10's innovative remote gallery solution provides a technically creative way for live sports television to be delivered. Whether it's live from stadiums across the country or on-location from major international events, our galleries give remotely based production teams complete control as if they were at the event. This enables you to simultaneously manage concurrent feeds from multiple locations, as well as playing-in content.

Virtual studios image Virtual studios image

Virtual Studios

Our industry-leading 4k UHD ready virtual studio capability has literally no limits. Combining Virtual and Augmented Reality, together with live data, our designers can translate your vision into photorealistic sets that will form a spectacular environment for your production. The system enables studio sets to combine physical and virtual elements in such a way that they are indistinguishable from each other.

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dock10 supports the production of thousands of hours of coverage for leading sports broadcasters. This expertise and experience in delivering many of the nation's best-loved sports shows means that we offer innovative and trustworthy solutions for any scale of production. Our dedicated and talented team brings together next-generation studios and post production services.

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Television Studios

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