Sustainability Strategy

Building sustainability into everything we do

We work in an industry that has the power to reach and influence almost every person on the planet, giving us the responsibility to lead by example. At dock10 we recognise the important role we play, and we actively ensure sustainability across all our business areas. This includes creating a supportive and inspiring workplace for our employees and promoting social and environmental sustainability in everything we do.

To achieve this, we embed the highest standards of operational and ethical practices into every aspect of our business. We meet all our customer, legal and other requirements, fulfilling the needs and expectations of our employees, customers, stakeholders and everyone affected by dock10's activities.

Putting sustainability at the heart of media

Located at the heart of Media City, dock10 is an industry focus for world-class television production outside of London.

As a centre of television excellence, we work with national broadcasters and the UK's biggest production companies on some of the country's best loved television programmes.

Built from the ground up, we have 160 employees and over 400 freelancers, and we provide essential telecoms services to more than 250 SMEs.

We excel not only within our industry but also within the wider community, encouraging and supporting sustainability in all its forms at every touchpoint of our business.

Photo of dock10 building

Making sustainability matter

Global movements for action on human rights and climate change are growing, and our employees, their families and society at large expect us to address these important social and environmental challenges – which we do.

At dock10, sustainability pervades our entire business because we embed strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies and practices so deeply that they are part of our company's DNA.

Through our 'Commitment to Excellence' statement we declare our resolve to demonstrably operate a business that meets people's expectations on sustainability both in principle and in action.

A structure that delivers sustainability

Our commitments are overseen and guided by a specially formed Sustainability Working Group that is headed up by our Chief Operating Officer.

We have put in place polices and structures that continually support and grow our sustainability commitments.

Every month, our achievements in sustainability are measured and reported to the Management Board who are responsible for overseeing and challenging our sustainability objectives, reporting quarterly to our Shareholder Board.

Certifying sustainability

Across everything we do, our systems are regularly and independently assessed against national and international best-practice standards to ensure they deliver at the highest levels and meet all the expectations of our staff and our customers.

Among the certifications held by dock10, we are proud to hold the following UKAS accredited certifications:

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 50001

ISO 50001

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Health & Safety

Collectively, these internationally recognised certifications reinforce dock10's commitment to best practice in sustainability.

Values that reflect sustainability

Our Values run through everything we do at dock10, and they underpin the professional standards that we all subscribe to, including our commitment to sustainability. At dock10:


We constantly challenge ourselves to do better, driven by a can-do attitude that inspires success.


We take ownership of our ideas and actions, always doing what we say we will do.


We are open to new ideas and are excited by the possibilities that change can bring.

One dock10

We are one team, actively working together to deliver the best for customers and colleagues.

Our Six Sustainability Principles

dock10 is an integral, valued and respected part of the community, creating opportunities for all and minimising our carbon footprint. To do this we have developed Six Sustainability Principles that ensure a better future.

Background photo of a forest Background photo of a forest

Environmental Responsibility

As a company, dock10 is committed to protecting the environment for the benefit of our employees, the wider community and the planet as a whole. Our business decisions consciously take into account potential environmental impacts and the actions we can take to mitigate them.

We maximise our environmental and energy management systems by:

  • Reporting and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Minimising waste
  • Efficiently using energy, water and other natural resources
  • Preventing pollution
  • Prioritising designs that improve energy performance

We always fulfil our environmental and energy compliance obligations, including legal and other requirements related to the environment, energy efficiency, use and consumption, and international standards including ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Beyond this, we are committed to exceeding expectations and challenge our colleagues and the business to find innovative ways of further reducing our environmental impact.

Working with staff, clients and partners we are reducing our carbon footprint by 5% each year, becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2025, immediately offsetting any imbalance, and minimising waste while maximising recycling.

Low-carbon choices are also used for commuting, business travel and the supply chain, including access to the cycle to work scheme, minimising business travel, enabling home working and buying from local suppliers. We use materials from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources and procure energy-efficient products and services.

We also ensure the availability of all the information and resources needed to achieve our energy objectives, and we communicate our environmental policy to shareholders, employees, contractors and others to promote an environmentally responsible attitude within our organisation.

Net Zero Carbon Building

dock10 has had its building verified as net zero carbon. dock10's building achieved net zero carbon status after being third party verified against the UK Green Building Council's 2019 definition. The remaining emissions of dock10's building will be offset through a Verified Carbon Standard project twinned with tree-planting in the Northwest.

Photo of the dock10 building
Photo of the dock10 building
Background photo of trees being grown Background photo of trees being grown

5,000 trees in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil

dock10 has planted 5,000 trees in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil, a commitment that has created an area of forest that is twice the size of our building – adding up to an enormous 25,000 square meters.

Learn more

Lancashire Wildlife Trust

dock10 is a Silver Member of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Covering Lancashire, Manchester, and North Merseyside, the Trust is part of the wider Wildlife Trusts movement that is the UK's leading conservation charity dedicated to improving all wildlife. Locally, the Trust is committed to protecting 1,288 hectares of land that are a haven for numerous rare and threatened species and habitats.

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire Manchester & North Merseyside logo
Photo of red squirrel
Photo of red squirrel

Consultation and Participation

A business grows stronger and better when it engages with its employees. At dock10, we actively engage with, consult and listen to our colleagues to shape and improve the environment and the values within which we operate. Regular two-way communications with our teams gathers their ideas and opinions and keeps them appraised of the business and how they contribute to its success. We also continually engage with our customers to understand what we could do better.

Communications take place across a broad range of platforms, including:

Participation Committee

An employee committee that ensures company adherence and advancement in areas such as health and safety, wellbeing, charitable work and the general working environment.

Employee Survey

An annual survey of all staff that helps to steer company policy and approach, ensuring that employee views, concerns and opinions are reflected in the business.


A two-way dialogue between the COO and staff giving employees the opportunity to question senior management and raise any issues.

Customer Survey

An ongoing review of our customers' experiences at dock10 that helps us develop our services to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.


A monthly e-zine that updates colleagues about the company's work and activities while providing a platform for individuals to tell their own stories.

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A verified Includability Committed Employer

5 Stars

dock10 was independently assessed and awarded all five stars required to be named an Includability Committed Employer. Verification, by independent specialists, was across five key areas: Diversity & Inclusion; Sustainability; Mental Health; Wellbeing; Leadership & Governance. Achieving this status highlights dock10’s ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive and positive workplace culture - treating people fairly, empowering employees, and working for the greater good of society.

Background photo of people placing hands together Background photo of people placing hands together

Social Value and Opportunity

We recognise that dock10 has a responsibility to the local community and we continue to enrich the lives of the people who live and work in it. This includes:

  • Ensuring that our activities do not have any adverse environmental or social impact upon local communities.
  • Encouraging, promoting and supporting employee and company involvement in community and charitable initiatives by providing financial and other resources including matched-funding of employee sponsorship.
  • Supporting community involvement with dock10 by offering work experience placements and two apprenticeships each year (rising to four by 2025), as well as insights into our work through open days, educational events and five outreach events each year (rising to ten by 2025).

Diversity and Inclusion

Our open recruitment policy builds a representative workforce that mirrors, maintains and promotes the diversity of the community in which we work. All staff receive training, support and objectives to maximise their progression within the company and the industry. Across all interactions at dock10 we expect people to treat others with respect, believing that all employees have the right to dignity and respect in the workplace.

This is built upon the following principles:


We create an environment in which all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We actively develop policies that encourage inclusion and contributions from all employees, and we are committed to having timely and effective two-way communications.


We are a multi-cultural meritocracy where individual contributions are expected, appreciated and rewarded. We do not practice favouritism: an employee's advancement and reward are based entirely on their individual performance, potential and upholding of the company values.

Work-life Balance

We encourage and promote a healthy balance between work and personal life, and we respect the commitments our employees have outside of the workplace. Our employees have the right to rest and leisure, including periodic paid holidays and the reasonable limitation of working hours.


We do not discriminate in any aspect of employment on grounds of race, religion, colour, ethnic or national background, age, disability, neurodiversity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation or union membership.


We value diversity in our employees’ backgrounds, talent, insight, education and experience and believe that this contributes to our continued success by increasing innovation, enriching decision making and improving interactions.

Harassment and Abuse

We do not tolerate physical, sexual, racial, psychological, verbal or any other form of harassment or abuse.

Charity Matched Funding + Volunteering Days

The dock10 employee charity scheme supports our team's efforts to raise thousands of pounds and donate hundreds of volunteering days for worthy causes. Every year, each member of staff is offered matched funding of up to £250 to boost their fundraising efforts and can take two days to work as a volunteer for a charitable organisation or project.

Background photo of person practising yoga Background photo of person practising yoga

Health and Wellbeing

At dock10 we recognise that our employees bring their whole selves to work, and we have a responsibility to cater for all aspects of an individual's health and wellbeing. Our culture of safety and wellness will maximize the physical and mental health of our employees and their families to minimise unscheduled absences, accidents and near misses.

We promote the wellbeing of all employees by encouraging physical exercise and providing access to a range of wellness services through company insurances.

Our health policies extend beyond physical welfare into mental wellbeing, including identifying and preventing work-related stress by applying best practice measures across the business. We further promote and protect the mental health of our employees by raising awareness, training Mental Health First Aiders, training managers to identify potential mental health issues, and supporting colleagues.

Business Ethics and Compliance

We manage our business in ways that uphold the letter and spirit of the law, maximising customer and stakeholder satisfaction while minimising business risk and adverse impact on people and the planet.

dock10 has put policies in place that promote and support good business practice, including:

  • Anti-fraud
  • Anti-slavery and human trafficking
  • Anti-corruption & bribery
  • Anti-facilitation of tax evasion
  • Code of professional conduct
  • Dignity at work
  • Whistleblowing
  • Active adherence to GDPR

All major suppliers must confirm that they comply with our policies, and we exercise no undue influence over our suppliers and pay them to the terms agreed.

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Albert Toolkit Methodology

Carbon Action Plan: dock10 Answers

To help support productions completing the albert's carbon action plan questions in order to achieve albert Certification, you can download the answers from dock10 in word format.


Photo of two dock10 employees drinking from VegWare cups

Jeopardy achieves ALBERT certified status

Jeopardy achieved ALBERT certified status as a low carbon production, including a range of action plans like using VegWare cups on set to reduce plastic waste, using dock10's reduced footprint studios, and much more!

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Sustainability Strategy:
Building Sustainability Into Everything We Do

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