January 2013

Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

Popular BBC One television gameshow ‘Who Dares Wins’ returns for a new series as part of the BBC's National Lottery programming. Hosted by Nick Knowles, the quiz show sees total strangers plucked from the audience competing to complete a series of lists that could win them big prizes.

Two teams, each with two members who have never met before, are placed in separate soundproof pods. The audio to each pod can be turned on or off as needed during the game, either isolating a team or allowing them to hear and be heard.

The subject of a list is announced, for example ‘name as many chemical elements as you can’ with a brief explanation of acceptable answers. Each team tries to outbid the other for how many correct answers they think they can give. The twist is that they have no idea of each other's knowledge of the subject, let alone what their opponents might know (they may be chemistry professors!). The bidding ends when one team dares the other to play the list, whereupon they are isolated in their sound-proof pods.

If the high bidders can give their stated number of correct answers without making any mistakes, they win the list; if they give a wrong answer, the opponents win it. The first team to win two lists takes (or retains) the championship and advances to the bonus round with the chance to play for the star prize of £50,000. They can also choose to return to play together again against new competitors.

Who Dares Wins is filmed at dock10 studios.