June 2016

Top Ten Tips for Creating a Video Media Strategy

Top Ten Tips for Creating a Video Media Strategy

Many large corporations are turning to video to help them engage with employees and communicate better with their customers. Video can convey complex ideas simply, quickly and with a global reach. It also has the power to surprise, inspire, transform and motivate more powerfully than words or images alone.

As interest in video continues to grow, so does the range of technology solutions available to shoot, store, edit and archive video content. The complexity of video production can be confusing, and it is prompting many companies to develop a video media strategy. This is a set of technical, organisational and process guidelines that provide you with a framework for dealing with the ever-changing video-production landscape. Here are our Top Ten Tips for creating your own video media strategy:

1) Start Prepared

Consider the file format and metadata your camera produces

2) Streamline for the Edit

Save time and money by recording in a format that moves you into your edit faster

3) Consider the End Platform

Make sure your post facility can deliver to your clients or distribution platform in the right format

4) Metadata is the Key to Content Longevity

Keep all your key information with your media when you archive

5) Time Costs Money

Consider how fast you need the whole process to run

6) Talk to the Experts

Get advice from professionals who know how to handle media

7) Set a Retention Policy

Strategies change, so set a date to review your plans

8) Budget Dictates Flexibility

Use templated workflows to keep your costs down

9) Publish Your Plan

Make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and when they’re doing it

10) Review Annually

Stay ahead of the curve and get the best out of new technology