August 2013

MOTD Kickabout is back for new season at dock10

MOTD Kickabout is back for new season at dock10

Match of the Day Kickabout's back for the 2013/14 season with a new look, It's a brand new season and a brand new Match of the Day Kickabout.

Over the next nine months we're going to be talking to your favourite footy stars and checking out life behind the scenes of the Premier League.

We'll be talking about the big games, enjoying some great goals and picking out some stellar stats just for you!

You might also be hearing a lot from Robbie Savage who is the man behind our new weekly challenge: Sav's Big Mouth. Robbie is challenging a range of stars to kick balls through a cutout of his head as many times as they can in 20 seconds! Robbie has set the bar high so can anyone beat him?

There's also My Club, our weekly feature where we ask you to show us around your favourite football club. Plus there'll be the return of old favourites like The Top 5.

MOTD Kickabout is on every Saturday morning at 7:40am from the dock10 studios, exclusively on the CBBC channel.