June 2021

Meet the team: Michael Lodmore, Duty Technology Manager

Meet the team: Michael Lodmore, Duty Technology Manager

What's it like to work at dock10? We talk to Michael Lodmore about being Duty Technology Manager.

3 words to describe working at dock10

Challenging, different, fun.

What led you to this career?

My uncle worked in the studios at Yorkshire TV (on programmes like Rising Damp) and it seemed an exciting place to work. I told my school careers officer what I wanted to do and but he said it was too difficult to get into TV. I got a job in a factory and was training to be an engineer but I realised that I shouldn't give up on my dream that easily so I left, worked for a year as a lighting technician in a theatre then went to Ravensbourne College which was part funded by ITV at the time. Thirty years and 5 jobs later, I'm now at dock10.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people that I work with, the variety of projects that I get involved with and the technology that I work with. Oh, and the cash!