July 2014

ITV Orders Ejector Seat

ITV Orders Ejector Seat

Remarkable Television, an Endemol company, today announced that it has been commissioned by ITV to produce a brand new tea time game show Ejector Seat. The 30 x 60 minute series will launch on ITV later this year.

Presented by Andi Peters, this fast-paced general knowledge quiz sees six players take their place in one of six imposing Ejector Seats - each at the top of a track that leads back toward ‘the edge' and an undignified exit.

The game is simple: if players can answer general knowledge questions correctly they stay sitting happily in their seat.

But if they answer incorrectly, their seat travels back along its track, towards the edge. The contestant is now under pressure - as they move backwards, even the most simple questions are suddenly incredibly tough. And if the contestant reaches the edge before they can answer another question correctly, they're tipped backwards out of their seat and out of the game for good.

Round by round, contestants are ejected until there's only one player left sitting. They then play the final round with the chance to win up to £10,000.

Remarkable Television MD Nick Mather says: "It's fantastic to be making a brand new daytime quiz for ITV. Ejector Seat takes the traditional quiz format and drops it in an iconic physical setting - with six imposing ejector seats. It doesn't look like any other quiz out there."

Remarkable's Head of Entertainment James Fox adds: "With Andi bringing a good-natured warmth to proceedings, it's a fantastic mix of quickfire questions, genuine tension and one of the funniest send offs on TV."

Filmed at dock10 studios, ejector Seat is a Remarkable Television production. The series was commissioned by Helen Warner at ITV. The Executive Producers are James Fox, Nick Mather and David Flynn. The Series Producer is Dom Waugh at Remarkable.