September 2022

dock10 welcomes RuPaul Charles and Celebrity Lingo

dock10 welcomes RuPaul Charles and Celebrity Lingo

Hosted by the inimitable Emmy award-winning US entertainer RuPaul Charles, Celebrity Lingo will see famous faces pair up and go head-to-head in the fast-paced word play game as they vie to fill in the blanks and find the missing words.


Are you excited to be hosting the primetime UK version of Celebrity Lingo?

I'm so excited to be hosting the Celebrity version of ITV's Lingo because I love playing games and I love when people are open enough to be foolish, and to put themselves out on the line. It's a party for me! If I weren't playing Lingo in front of a camera, I'd be playing at my house so why not do it here in Manchester for ITV.

You've just finished filming Celebrity Lingo in Manchester last week - have you ever been there before?

I haven't worked in Manchester since 1996 and watching Manchester evolve in all of these years has been such a joy. Back in 1996 no one could've guessed it evolving into this super modern, sexy metropolis. Now, I can honestly say it is one of my favourite places in the UK.

You said you're a fan of games - are you a fan of Lingo?

I love games, always have. I love wordplay. I love opportunities for people to really come out of their shell and exercise their intellectual DNA and intuition. I stress those two elements because those are key in playing a game and winning a game, and Lingo is just perfect for both of those things. When I play Lingo I use my instinct. You have to have lived long enough on this planet to learn how to trust your instinct and I do, so I'm actually quite good at word games!

You have celebrities playing in your primetime version, who would be on your celebrity wishlist to play?

Well of course I'd love to have Kylie Minogue and I'd love to have Julie Walters, Joanna Lumley, Tom Daley... There are so many brilliant celebrities I would love to have on this show. My list is practically endless.

ITV viewers absolutely loved seeing you as the guest announcer on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway earlier this year, did you enjoy it?

I love Ant & Dec! and I love their willingness to go with it. I had my team put them into drag and they looked so gorgeous, and they were game from start to finish, true professionals. They were just so much fun.