March 2022

dock10 to host The Broadcast Content Summit 2022

dock10 to host The Broadcast Content Summit 2022

dock10 is to host the Broadcast Content Summit once again. The event, bringing together the UK's leading digital and traditional sports producers and broadcasters, sports rights holders and sports tech companies, is to be held at dock10's studios on 16th March 2022. It will focus on different areas of sports production, providing a platform for sports content producers and broadcasters to discuss best practice in making and televising live sports, sports-focused documentaries, studio-based programming and more.

Some of the topics to be covered include: 'How we made' case studies on key sports documentaries; Best practice for producing sports content for YouTube; Encouraging a better gender balance in sports production; and Airspeeder's plans to take off in 2022. Among the speakers are key players from across the industry including David Tippett, Carrie Wootten, Nad Ali, Nick Mattingly, Rio Clarke, Max Miller, Steve Boulton, Hannah Robinson, Charlotte Wheeler, Jeff Nathensen, Robbie Spargo, Jake Bickerton, Bethan Evans, Chris Hurst, Shalina Nigam, Paul Andrews, Jake Bickerton, and Tom Crump.

A fireside chat with David Tippett, Managing Director of Sunset+Vine, will provide an overview of what they are doing to gear up as host broadcaster for the Commonwealth Games later in the year. Sunset+Vine won the contract in the middle of last year and will capture 2,000 hours of TV coverage across 19 sports during the 11 days of the competition (28 July-8 August), for an expected global audience in excess of 1.5 billion. At least 15% of the 1,600 technical and production workforce for the games will come from Birmingham and the West Midlands, having been trained through a Host Broadcast Training Initiative that Sunset+Vine is launching in the area. The initiative is specifically designed to address the lack of diversity in the creative sector, and will offer a year's training to 200 young people from the region, with half recruited from underrepresented groups.

Carrie Wootten, Managing Director of Rise, will be speaking with Buzz16's Nad Ali, Nick Mattingly, and Rio Clarke about 'How We Made "Micah Richards: Tackling Racism"'. The Buzz16 team behind the award-winning documentary will explain their approach to the production and how they created such a powerful, hard-hitting film. In the Sky Sports documentary, the former England and Premier League footballer Micah Richards explores the true scale of the racism problem in British football, and what can be done about it. The production team behind it are young and diverse, including many alumni of the MAMA Youth Project, which aims to get young people from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds employed in the broadcast and media industries.

Max Miller, Reporter for the Broadcast Tech & Sport Group, will be talking to Steve Boulton, CEO of Golden Egg Innovation, and dock10's Hannah Robinson about 'Behind-the Scenes: Virtual Sports Studios with dock10'. dock10 has designed, created and housed a wide array of virtual sports studios, including the flagship Match of The Day studio and the set for the Gran Turismo Championship. In this session, dock10 explains how they create virtual studio spaces for sports; why virtual studios are well suited to sports presentations; what clients are looking for in a sports studio; what doesn't work that well in virtual studios; what the future holds for virtual sports studios; will virtual production/Volume stages also increasingly become an option for studio spaces, or is the cost of the Volume prohibitively expensive compared to the green screen virtual studio spaces?

Charlotte Wheeler, Event Director at the Media Production & Technology Show, will be speaking with Jeff Nathensen, MD at Team Whistle International, and Robbie Spargo, Director of Sport at Little Dot Studios, about 'Creating Sports Content for YouTube'. Little Dot Studios and Team Whistle provide insight into how they work with leading athletes, sports clubs and federations to create and manage YouTube channels that maximise fan engagement and the reach of content made for the platform. What content works best on YouTube, how do you create a YouTube strategy, and what is best practice for growing your sports brand on YouTube? Little Dot Studios runs a wealth of sports-related YouTube channels for clients, and Team Whistle manages the Premier League's.

Jake Bickerton, Editorial Director at Broadcast Tech & Sport Group, will be 'In Conversation with Whisper' speaking to its Head of Broadcast Operations, Bethan Evans, and its CEO & Co-Founder, Sunil Patel. This fireside chat explores how the company has quickly become one of the biggest and most respected sports production outfits in the UK. The company is only 11 years old but is already the trusted production outfit behind flagship sporting events including The Paralympics, the F1 (for Channel 4), and cricket coverage for the BBC. It also has excelled at appointing women to key positions within the company and ensuring diversity in its workforce. Evans and Patel talk about their roles at Whisper, and what the key focus and key projects are for the company in 2022.

Chris Hurst, Trustee at the Women's Sport Trust talks with Shalina Nigam, Manager at Futures Sport + Entertainment for the 'Women's Sport Trust Presentation'. Shalina will present the latest data from the Women's Sport Trust visibility research and explain the key findings of the report and its implications for how (and how much) women’s sport is likely to be consumed across different platforms in the future.

Paul Andrews, Head of Partnership, Europe, for Airspeeder talks about the future of flying racing cars in 'One to Watch: Airspeeder's Plans to Take Off in 2022'. Paul explains how Airspeeder is the world's first racing series for electric flying cars. The racing multi-copters are being developed at Airspeeder's aerospace engineering hub in South Australia by engineers drawn from elite motorsports, automotive, aviation and first-person-view drone, electric plane, electric vehicles and passenger drone backgrounds. Airspeeder's vision is to deliver the most exciting and future-focused motorsport on the planet. Following an inaugural unmanned season, elite pilots will take to the skies to race on electronically governed racetracks in the skies. Those behind Airspeeder join the Content Summit to explain their ambitious plans for the sport.

Jake Bickerton, Editorial Director at Broadcast Tech & Sport Group is in conversation with Tom Crump, Senior Producer at Sky Sports, on the topic of 'What's Next for The Hundred?'. The panel discusses what's in store for The Hundred in 2022, following the success of the launch year. It reflects on the key successes of year one – putting women's cricket on a level playing field with the men's game; putting live cricket back on free-to-air platforms including YouTube to encourage widespread viewing; making the stadium experience fun and high energy; and so on. Then the panel discusses how Sky's plans for coverage of The Hundred are panning out for this year – how will Sky approach its coverage – what adaptations/enhancements will it make; what about on-screen graphics and analysis such as the use of the avatars – will that evolve to make more use of the possibilities of AR/XR etc?

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