March 2020

dock10 Studios and Post Production are open

dock10 Studios and Post Production are open

As part of the UK's national broadcast infrastructure, dock10's facilities including all television and radio studios plus post production, will remain open and operational through the Coronavirus outbreak. All broadcasters, programme makers and production companies are welcome.

Andy Waters, Head of Studios at dock10, said: "This is a time when the nation needs to be entertained more than ever. While some show formats might need to change to accommodate the current situation, all studios are open and we would especially welcome live broadcasts and specials programmes. We recognise that 'the show must go on' and are going to do everything we can to help keep entertainment on air.

However, it is not business as usual. We are following all the advice from the UK Government and World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that everybody is as safe as possible; this includes enabling people to work remotely and from home. During this time, we will not have audiences for shows and all tours are suspended.

We would like to express our thanks to everybody working in the NHS and all the teams tackling this global health crisis".