July 2021

dock10 manages Europe’s first Wired Certified Neighbourhood

dock10 manages Europe’s first Wired Certified Neighbourhood

WiredScore, the global rating scheme for digital connectivity in real estate, has launched its first Wired Certified Neighbourhood in Europe at Media City, a mixed-use commercial and residential development, home to the BBC and ITV, located on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal. The communications network is fully managed by dock10, the UK's leading television facility.

WiredScore's rating scheme, Wired Certification, provides landlords and developers with an independent, trusted digital connectivity benchmark and the necessary insights to enhance digital connectivity standards and future-proof their buildings.

Media City has achieved Wired Certification across the development, with all commercial buildings achieving either a Wired Certified Platinum or Silver rating. Eight commercial properties have achieved Wired Certified Platinum, the highest rating available, and one has achieved Wired Certified Silver.

Neighbourhood Certification is the only rating scheme for the communications infrastructure, digital connectivity and technological capacity of multi-building, mixed-use real estate developments. This helps create living and working environments that encourage collaboration, productivity and innovation. A Wired Certified Neighbourhood allows for frictionless connectivity across the whole development, attracting digital media and other commercial tenants and residents who value ultrafast internet speeds. In order to achieve the certification, a Wired Certified neighbourhood must:

  • Ensure all commercial buildings within the neighbourhood are Wired Certified
  • All built structures within the neighbourhood meet base-building connectivity specifications
  • Include additional connectivity attributes, such as a high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi network for tenants and guests to remain connected at all times

Building on its global expansion, WiredScore has launched its first Wired Certified Neighbourhood in Europe at Media City in Manchester following the success of US Neighbourhoods, including the largest mixed-use private real estate development in U.S. history, Hudson Yards.

As the first Wired Certified Neighbourhood in Europe, Media City boasts seamless connectivity throughout, all managed by dock10. This standard of digital connectivity at this scale, across one location, has never been achieved in the UK, helping to create living, and working environments that support collaboration, productivity and innovation.

Media City is home to dock10, the BBC, ITV, the University of Salford, a number of blue-chip companies such as Ericsson, as well as over 300 smaller creative and tech businesses. Media City has been instrumental in shaping the creative and media output of the North of England and nurturing homegrown talent and innovation.

William Newton, President and MD at WiredScore said: "As the first Wired Certified Neighbourhood in the UK, Media City is a destination bringing together innovation and creativity for its businesses and residents. Being at the heart of the UK's digital and media industries, Media City is a prime example of how best-in-class connectivity and digital infrastructure are integral for businesses and creatives to thrive. It attracts talent and brings together some of the biggest brands to live and work in Salford, boosting the regional economy of the North of England."

"Media City demonstrates how interconnected our personal and professional lives are by creating a seamless innovative hub at one of the UK's leading cultural and entertainment destinations. The Neighbourhood Certification is testament to Media City's determination to stay cutting-edge, and we at WiredScore are delighted to be part of its future."