February 2018

dock10 leading the way in cybersecurity

dock10 leading the way in cybersecurity

dock10, the UK’s leading television facility, has received the Committed to Security Mark from the Digital Production Partnership (DPP). This is awarded for meeting stringent best practice standards for cybersecurity, as established by broadcasters and security experts. dock10 is one of the first companies to take part in the Committed to Security Programme, and one of only six to date to meet the standard across both the broadcast and production environments which require two different sets of criteria to be met.

Paul Clennell, CTO at dock10, said: "We work for national broadcasters who are under growing threat of cyberattack, an issue we take very seriously. At dock10, we have always pursued the highest security integrity, but this is the first time that all of the really key criteria for cybersecurity have been distilled into a single checklist. The Committed to Security Mark confirms that all our systems, practices and procedures are secure, and that all of the content and assets our clients entrust to us are as safe as possible. We are grateful for the DPP’s efforts to lead the way in formalising customer expectations and highlighting what broadcasters, media companies and their suppliers should be looking for when it comes to cybersecurity."

Mark Harrison, DPP Managing Director, says: "As concern about cybersecurity grows, the DPP’s Committed to Security Programme establishes a best practice framework for media. By successfully participating in the Committed to Security Programme, dock10 is demonstrating to their customers that they are addressing cybersecurity in a structured fashion. We are delighted that dock10 is helping to lead the industry on this important issue in both the broadcast and production environments. We look forward to seeing a growing community of media companies following their example as the industry moves towards fully digital, internet-enabled content creation and distribution."

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