October 2021

dock10 is supporting the ‘Rise Up Academy’

dock10 is supporting the ‘Rise Up Academy’

dock10 is delighted to be supporting the new 'Rise Up Academy' scheme with equipment for the mentoring programme and Rise Up Primary School workshops.

Rise Up is a hands-on outreach programme delivering broadcast engineering and technical workshops to primary school children, aged 10-11. The children get to build a broadcast studio from scratch in their classroom or school hall. Led by industry representatives, this interactive session provides children with an understanding of how their STEM curriculum directly relates to the workplace and specifically to the content they see on their screens.

The children start with a fun and interactive short lesson, followed by the build. They are divided into 5 teams where under the guidance of a mentor they build a full working 4 camera television studio from components parts. The students finally use the studio they have built to film a fun quiz show: "Rise Up".

After the workshop, Rise stays in touch with the parents of the children to continue to let them know about further opportunities where their children can engage with industry again e.g. studio visits. The intention is to connect with the children, via their parents, until they start to make their choices about GCSEs and beyond.

The workshop itself is tied into the Key Stage 3 STEM curriculum and the event provides students access to broadcast equipment, where they can learn technical and engineering skills, and gain an understanding of how STEM subjects link with real world careers.

Rise and its industry partners are now developing a 'Rise Up Academy' which will build on the mentoring programme and progress on from the Rise Up Primary School workshops.

The intention is to create a clear education pathway to #inspire #educate and #inform young people about the broadcast media technology sector and the opportunities available to them.

From the primary school workshops through to 18-year-olds deciding on higher education and new entrant roles. The Academy will be an umbrella facility which will deliver activity across 10 UTCs, including a more advanced hands-on workshop, masterclasses, speed networking and careers fairs.