June 2018

dock10 gets it kit out for C4's Naked Attraction

dock10 gets it kit out for C4's Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction, the hit Channel 4 entertainment series that bares all in the quest for true love, has been re commissioned for a third series from Studio Lambert and filmed at dock10.

In this 10x60' daring dating series, hosted by fully clothed TV presenter Anna Richardson, the picker will once again whittle down a group of six potential suitors, who are stood naked in a pod, one body part at a time, based on what they find least attractive.

Last series saw a number of couples successfully find love by baring all, and opened up the conversation about gender, sexuality and body confidence, as well as revealing the truth about what people really find attractive in a naked body. The series averaged 1.5 million viewers and a 9.3% share.

Naked Attraction strips back the trappings of modern dating to just the naked body and our primal instincts.

Anna Richardson said: "Naked Attraction is such an important series. It's not just about being naked, it's about acceptance, individuality and confidence. It's brave and it's out there, and I see that as a very positive thing."

Lucy Leveugle, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor said, "In an increasingly filtered world, this show is ever more relevant and I look forward to seeing a new generation of people looking for love and whose bodies tell a story."

Mike Cotton, Executive Producer, Studio Lambert, said: "We can't wait to get back in the studio and meet our next round of singletons looking for love. If you think this bold approach to dating is for you, get in touch!"

Naked Attraction is produced by Studio Lambert and was recommissioned by Channel 4 Deputy Director of Programmes Kelly Webb Lamb with commissioning editor Lucy Leveugle. Tim Harcourt and Mike Cotton are the executive producers for Studio Lambert. The series is filmed at dock10 who also provide the graphics and motion transitions for the show.

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