March 2024

dock10 becomes Silver Sponsor of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

dock10 becomes Silver Sponsor of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

dock10 has signed up for Silver Membership of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Covering Lancashire, Manchester, and North Merseyside, the Trust is part of the wider Wildlife Trusts movement that is the UK's leading conservation charity dedicated to improving all wildlife. Locally, the Trust is committed to protecting 1,288 hectares of land that are a haven for numerous rare and threatened species and habitats.

Among them are the peat bogs. These are a vital part of our heritage and a UK Priority Habitat, as they serve three important functions. Being wet, acidic, and low in nutrients they are a unique habitat that nurtures a range of rare species; they also act as a buffer against flooding; and crucially they absorb and store vast amounts of carbon dioxide, helping in the fight against climate change. Despite this, peat bogs are hugely undervalued and widely regarded as wastelands to be exploited.

Once a peatland has degraded past a certain point it cannot be restored, so the Lancashire Wildlife Trust is actively restoring and protecting these precious peatlands. Their teams, supported by volunteers, are working with landowners to re-wet the peatland landscape, building dams and bunds to raise the water levels and begin the restoration process – preserving Lancashire’s precious peat bogs.

The team at dock10 wanted to work more with carbon capture and biodiversity projects, so supporting local wildlife and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust is a perfect match. The company has adopted Silver Membership and provide three staff volunteer days across the year – releasing staff to actively work with the Trust. This fits with dock10's sustainability objectives and is a great opportunity to get actively involved with peat bogs and wider conservation work. As a company, we are looking forward to building an ongoing relationship with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and working with them on the important projects they undertake.