December 2022

Deal Or No Deal pilot filmed at dock10

Deal Or No Deal pilot filmed at dock10

The much-loved game show 'Deal or No Deal' is recording two brand new pilot episodes at dock10. A studio audience will watch as the nail-biting drama unfolds with brave contestants taking on the notorious Banker in the hope that they have the nerve, timing and luck to win big.

The original Deal or No Deal was first aired in the UK on Channel 4 in October 2005. It rapidly rose to popularity running for more than a decade until December 2016.

The gameshow originated in the Netherlands following a format where a contestant chose one of 22 boxes, each containing a cash amount between 1p and £250,000. They then tried to win as much money as possible either by gambling on having a lot of cash in their chosen box, or making the Banker offer a considerable cash sum for their box regardless of what was inside.

The amount a contestant won was determined by pure luck. Cash amounts were randomly allocated to each of the boxes before each game, with contestants required to open a specific number of boxes during each round. This would eliminate the cash amounts their chosen box did not contain and in turn affect how much money the Banker might offer to buy their box. Games always ended with the player opening all of the boxes, including their own.