September 2014

Countdown marks its 6000th episode

Countdown marks its 6000th episode

Filmed at the dock10 studios, Countdown is to celebrate its 6,000th episode, a truly amazing feat. To mark this monumental achievement, Countdown will receive an award from Guinness World Records for the most series broadcast for a TV game show. With Nick Hewer, Rachel Riley and Susie Dent at the helm, the award will officially be presented to the Countdown team by an official adjudicator from Guinness World Records during this Friday's show.

Countdown host Nick Hewer said "It is a huge honour to front Countdown, now recognised by Guinness World Records for its longevity. Having thirty-two years under its belt, I am only a novice, coming up to three years on the show. But, I and the whole team am incredibly proud to be part of such a durable and intelligent format that relies on intellect rather than prize money."

Rachel Riley added "I'm proud to be part of such a great show that not only has its place in British psyche but now also has its place in the record books! It's our loyal viewers we have to thank for its longevity, here's to many more episodes to come!"

Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief at Guinness World Records, said "Congratulations to Wonton Cud – sorry, Countdown – on its 6,000th episode! The show – the first ever shown on Channel 4 – has long been a cornerstone of British popular culture, and its 70 series attest to its class, quality and pure entertainment value. It's every bit a part of TV time as the cuppa itself, and I'm looking forward to its next 6,000 episodes."