February 2019

All Together Now is back for a second series filmed at dock10

All Together Now is back for a second series filmed at dock10

All Together Now, hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, is back! This new series filmed at dock10 sees a whole range of exciting performers take to the stage to sing in front of The 100 - a unique panel of music experts and singers from all over the UK.

If any of The 100 like what they hear, they can stand up and sing along. The greater the number that join in, the higher the act’s score. At the end of the series, one act will walk away with an amazing cash prize of £50,000. So, who will succeed and get The 100 up on their feet and singing along?

Heading up The 100 is pop icon Geri Horner. With over 600,000 tickets (sold for the Spice Girls reunion tour this summer, Geri knows exactly what it takes to get a crowd joining in and singing along. The 100 are all passionate about music and performance, with big voices and even bigger opinions.

This series, established favourites Divina De Campo, Georg, Paulus, Tina T, Mr Fabulous and Lili - to name just a few - all return. They’re joined by some new recruits, all bringing their own distinctive style and taste to The 100. We’ve got everything from YouTube sensation Talia Mar to punk artists and identical twins Bud and Aiden, R&B group Carreira 3 to boyband star Collabro’s Michael Auger. They are also joined by experts who have performed in the West End and some of the biggest venues in the UK. They line up alongside Geri, who will be offering her expert advice as a performer and firm but fair encouragement for the contestants.

Each week, a whole array of talent, from soloists to groups, amateurs to professionals, will hope to make it into the top three. The winner of each heat is guaranteed a place in the series final, with the acts in second and third place each performing another great song in a dramatic sing-off. The winner of the sing-off also goes through to the final and the chance to win the £50,000 series prize.

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