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Our unique future-ready network makes dock10 one of the most connected sites in the UK. We operate a top-spec 200Gbps broadcast network as well as the vital network that underpins the success of Media City, together with the connectivity to reach anyone anywhere in the world. On a site designed entirely around media, with all the specialist infrastructure, facilities and services you could need, if you’re connected to dock10, you’re connected to wherever you need to be.

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Network Diagram

dock10 Network Diagram
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Lift up the paving stones at Media City and you’ll find the ground buzzing with high-speed connectivity through one of the most advanced and future proofed cross-site fibre networks ever built. Designed around the specific needs of major broadcasters, it simply and effectively connects everyone with each other, as well as with our dual and diverse international PoP. This provides connectivity to more than 20 international service providers, it all makes us just about the most connected media site in the country.

Colocation Hosting

If you want to keep your kit at our place, that’s alright with us. In fact, it makes sound sense as our purpose-built high-specification data centre is about the safest spot on site in every sense of the word. As well as a highly resilient and autonomous uninterrupted power supply, it’s also got climate control, state-of-the-art fire suppression and serious site security – in fact, it’s got everything you’d expect. So, whether you need a single unit or whole racks of space, your kit will be right at home alongside all the specialist media equipment entrusted to us by major broadcasters. It’s the very definition of robust and resilient.

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Our high-speed fibre connectivity criss-crosses Media City and is connected to international fibre and satellite distribution with more than 20 international service providers reaching platforms absolutely everywhere. Our broadcast network incorporates innovative technology and design, being developed around the demands of next generation media and workflows, specifically 4K UHD/HDR. Connected to this are our ten television studios and their galleries, more than fifty post production suites, ingest, control rooms and our data centres. With our distribution system designed for the demands of major broadcasters, we regularly deliver live Saturday night television into millions of UK homes and make the latest must-watch shows available on-demand. The dock10 network simply and effectively connects everyone with each other across our facilities, Media City and the world.


Designed for the demands of major broadcasters, our dual and diverse network is robust and resilient. A full range of the latest software control tools and detailed analytics constantly monitor the entire network to ensure its stability and smooth running, 24/7. The switching of live events and primetime national television is monitored by our MCR with its dedicated team of media specialists who make sure everything runs as smoothly as you'd expect.

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With increasing global concern about cyber security, our broadcast network has been built to securely counter this threat. It is a dedicated standalone network, used exclusively for broadcast content, and it has in place all the latest cyber security safeguards to meet the exacting standards dock10's clients expect.

Broadcast Network

Built to extremely impressive technical specifications, our broadcast network comprises of two interlinked elements with a Control LAN monitoring and managing studio and gallery equipment in real time, while a Production LAN is dedicated to supporting 4K file-based content workflows. The network delivers spectacular advantages and efficiencies for dock10's customers. A UHD television show captured in dock10's studios can be made instantly available for editing and then sent directly for transmission from post production, delivering clients exceptionally fast turnaround of UHD programmes. Similarly, the network allows 4K contributions for live shows to be edited in dock10's post production and be available immediately for live playout, allowing changes to be made right up to transmission. Our broadcast network powerfully connects together our core technology in a way that will confidently meet the future demands of television production.

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Scalable & Future Proof

We operate one of the most advanced and future proofed cross-site fibre networks ever built. The entirely new architecture that we have deployed is both inherently scalable and future proofed to comfortably manage the projected increases in data traffic as well as the continued growth of dock10 itself.

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dock10 provides a unique future-ready network making us one of the most connected sites in the UK

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