We're always on the look-out for talented people with a passion to match. Working in the very heart of UK television, this is an amazing environment where you are supported, empowered and inspired to be the best you can be. So, if you have the sort of skills we’re looking for, get in touch.

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We are dock10

There is nowhere else to work quite like dock10, located in the heart of Media City its vibrant, fast moving and ever growing culture ensures it is always exciting to walk through the doors.

With 'one dock10' being the heart of our values, this is your chance to become one of us: to influence, develop and be a part of our future.

This is what we do

Our studios and specialist post production services are used to make everything from popular prime time shows to outstanding commercials and corporate films for leading brands. We offer broadcasters, production companies and creative agencies the world-class facilities they need to produce award-winning content.

We are ambitious; constantly challenging ourselves to do better individually and collectively, we are accountable and adaptable; ensuring our clients always receive what is promised, open to new ideas and being excited by the possibilities of change. Whether you are new to the industry, looking for that next step or wondering what else you can achieve, we want to be a part of your journey.

Helping you give more

We care about the causes you care about, and our employee charity scheme has helped our team raise thousands of pounds and donate hundreds of volunteering days for many worthy causes. Every year, you can receive a financial contribution to boost your fundraising efforts and you can also take two days to work as a volunteer for a charitable organisation or project. Let us know what you want to do – and we'll help.

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Photo from dock10 Live
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We listen, we talk, we engage

We know that we grow better and stronger by inspiring colleagues and customers to fully engage with us, so we have a range of regular two-way communications that both inform and consult. Our Participation Committee ensures continual improvements in our working environment, employee and customer surveys help us understand what we can do better, and our regular e-zine keeps you up to date with what's happening across all departments. It's our way of gathering ideas and opinions and of keeping everyone appraised of the business.

Fostering a strong community spirit

Just as you are part of a team, dock10 is part of a wider community with interactions and impacts that aim to be as positive as possible: we are committed to enriching the lives of the people who live and work in the local community. This goes beyond ensuring that our activities don't have any adverse environmental or social impacts to actively encouraging colleagues and the company to get involved in community and charitable initiatives. From offering placements and work experience to holding tours, educational events and outreach activities, we strive to be a positive influence on everyone and everything around us.

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We make working for us work for you

You want to enjoy a healthy work-life balance - and so do we. Working at dock10 is fun but it can also be demanding, so we respect your time and commitments outside of the workplace. By actively upholding your right to rest and leisure, we help you enjoy the best of both worlds. And because you bring your whole self to work, we support all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Above and beyond our stringent health and safety regulations, we encourage physical exercise and provide access to a range of wellness services through company insurances. We also want to promote and protect your mental wellbeing, actively preventing work-related stress through best practice and training colleagues to identify and support mental health issues – including a team of Mental Health First Aiders.

A place for everyone

In an industry celebrated for promoting diversity and inclusion, dock10 continues to be as fully representative as possible. Whoever you are and however you identify, when working in dock10's carefully nurtured culture of respect you will enjoy inclusion, diversity, and dignity without fear of discrimination, harassment or abuse. We thrive on constructive feedback and want to hear your ideas and concerns while providing a working environment full of exciting opportunities to help you to reach your full potential – advancing through the business based on your talent, hard work and merit.

Living Wage Employer
Disability Confident
Includability Committed Employer

Future talent

Developing future talent is an important part of dock10. We are constantly on the lookout for vibrant, enthusiastic and talented people. Email with a CV and covering letter for opportunities.

Current vacancies

IT Support Technician

We have an opportunity for a IT Support Technician to join our Technology team.

Please download the job description for further information and how to apply


We are delighted to offer a week long work experience programme. If you would like to apply please email with your CV and a cover letter with your interests and reasons for wanting work experience at dock10.


Developing future talent is an important part of dock10. We are constantly on the lookout for vibrant, enthusiastic and talented people. Email with a CV and covering letter for opportunities.

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